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The MBAA has two distinct missions: the first is to promote a socially connected and inclusive community within the program and the second is to represent the student body to the administration and to act as a liaison for all program-related issues. To promote a strong social culture within the program, the MBAA organizes, funds, and/or facilitates a variety of social and professional events that are open to all members and are intended to broadly benefit the MBA community as a whole.


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MBAA Board

Jordan George Profile

Jordan George

Sisira Simha J Profile

Sisira Simha J

Secretary of Student Affairs
Mark Tamminga Profile

Mark Tamminga

Sharvari Bharambe Profile

Sharvari Bharambe

Saloni Prachande Profile

Saloni Prachande

VP of Community Events
Hannah Wilson Profile

Hannah Wilson

VP of Corporate Relations
Tania Sotelo Valencia Profile

Tania Sotelo Valencia

VP of Diversity and Inclusion
Elliot Smith Profile

Elliot Smith

VP of Alumni Relations
Matthew Brady Profile

Matthew Brady

VP of Membership
Christopher Millen Profile

Christopher Millen

VP of Fundraising
Wasek Sazzad Profile

Wasek Sazzad

VP of First Year Relations
Kwame Brifo Profile

Kwame Brifo

First-Year Representative
Paige Manning Profile

Paige Manning

First-Year Representative
Gustavo Dobrovolski Pereira Profile

Gustavo Dobrovolski Pereira

First-Year Representative
Brenna Fischer Profile

Brenna Fischer

First-Year Representative


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