Meet Our Executive Board


Danielle Chatman-Moore


As President I am responsible for facilitating the development and implementation of the overall vision and strategy for the MBAA in coordination with the MBA clubs and organizations. I strive to maintain a community with the Russell Palmer Career Services Office, MBA Program Office, Office of Admissions, and the Dean’s Office. Furthermore, I act as a liaison between the full-time MBA student body and other groups within the Broad School of Business including, but not limited to, alumni and faculty and staff. It is my job to empower the MBA executive board to carry out programming and initiatives that will enrich the entire MBA community.

If you have ideas on how we can make the Broad MBA experience better whether that is academically, socially, or otherwise, feel free to suggest them to me.


Robert Rutkowski


As Tresurer, I am in charge of budgeting and financial records. It is my responsibility to balance the MBAA account and budget for any and all expenses.

If you have any questions regarding the financial status of the MBAA or are a campus leader wishing to financially partner with our organization, please reach out.


Abigail (Abby) Swanson

Vice President of Membership

As the VP of Membership, I am here to ease your transition from non-member to MBAA member. I am here to support you, our members, in anyway I can.

If you have any questions regarding joining our organization, your membership, due payments, or MBA lounge lockers, please reach out to me.


Charles (Charlie) Kelly

Vice President of Corporate Relations

As the VP of Corporate Relations, I’m responsible for coordinating with companies interested in sponsoring our activities. Much of my work is centered around hosting tailgates during football season because early engagement between students and employers captures the greatest interactive value.

If you have questions about what a tailgate is, where we have ours, who is sponsoring it, or you need a wristband to get access to the free food and drinks we provide there, please come see me.


David Galant

Vice President of Community Events

As the VP of Community Events, my responsibilities include organizing events and gatherings to bring people together and learn from each others' experiences in a more relaxed social setting. I coordinate with the leadership bodies of other clubs and associations to alleviate any conflicts and ensure event calendars can engage the maximum number of attendees. I also assist with other MBAA programs involving members (i.e., fundraising events, community hontors, and happy hours). Additionally, my role involes overseeing and moderating any communication channels for the MBA community (i.e., The Sparty Smarties WhatsApp group).

If you have any questions regarding information pertaining to MBA events and informal social gatherings, event idea, engagement suggestions, or concerns stemming from community forums, please reach out.


Teressa Conlan

Vice President of Fundraising

As the VP of Fundraising, I am responsible for annual MBAA Charity Auction and any fundraising opportunities performed by or for the MBAA.

If you have any interests, ideas, or questions regarding fundraising initiatives or events, I’m happy to hear from you!


Noah Radtke


The Auditor acts independently of the MBAA board. The Auditor reviews MBAA financials to ensure accurate spending records and also ensures internal bylaws are followed by all members. Lastly, this positions acts as a liaison for the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) that provides information about financial grants to campus organizations and individual students throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) or concerns surrounding the MBAA, please reach out.


Lea Mavar

Secretary of Student Affairs

As the Secretary of Student Affairs,  I am here to support the community. Come see me if you need info on: MBAA Executive Board Meetings, General Membership and MPC Masters Meetings. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any academic feedback that you would like shared with the MBA Program Office.

Are you interested in forming a committee? Let's chat about becoming an RSO! Want to run for a MBAA E-Board position? Contact me for election information. Let me help direct your questions and serve our community.


Deeksha Vimmadisetti

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

As the VP of International Relations, I represent the International Students on the MBAA Board. Furthermore, I help all incoming 1st year international students transition into the MBA program.

Please reach out ot me if you have questions concerning: the job search process for international students, getting to know the East Lansing community, and the housing search for new international students.


Varun Garla

Vice President of Alumni Relations

As the VP of Alumni Relations, I am responsible for keeping close relationships with all alumni across Michigan State MBA and even undergrad. My role involves weekly meetings with alumni who are now executives while trying to bring them back to campus with their respective companies. I can be your utility guy, if you are experiencing difficulty while reaching out to alumni. Furthermore, I am working on a database to track all alumni's current companies, roles, phone numbers, and personal email addresses.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding alumni networking or alumni events, feel free to contact me.