Whether you are looking for apartments, condos, townhouses, or moving to a new house, the following information can help you locate, secure, and upkeep your place!

January - March

Start researching your options to find the perfect place to live. Connect with current MBA students to see what their experiences have been either virtually or when you're here for Admitted Students Day!

April - July

Take some time to do some on-sight visits of the places that you have researched!

Early August

Move to East Lansing or the surrounding communities! Once you have moved in, take some time to explore the surrounding communities to learn some of the charm it has to offer!

Late August

Prepare for your transition back to the classroom and how your family and this organization can help you!

Where do we live?

Here are some important resources to find where fellow Broad MBA students and their families live:

  1. Broad MBA Housing Guide
  2. Michigan State University Off-Campus Housing Search
  3. On-Campus Housing: Owen Hall and University Apartments
  4. Ask Spartners where they live: broad.spartners@gmail.com

Housing Resources


Lansing Board of Water and Light

Consumers Energy (Electricity and Gas)

Recycling and Bulk Removal

MSU Recycling

East Lansing Yard Waste Recycling & Refuse

Drivers License and Car Registration

Michigan Secretary of State (PLAN AHEAD)

Water and Sewage

City of East Lansing Water and Sewage

Post Office

United States Post Office
1140 Abbott Road, East Lansing, MI 48823