From: William Horton-Anderson
Date: March 12, 2020
Subject: MBA March Newsletter

Full-Time MBA Program March 2020

Relationships Beyond the Classroom

"It’s definitely not all work here at Broad. There are ample opportunities to get outside of the classroom and bond. The events and activities Broad MBA students get to be involved in is more than just showing up—it’s about actively being involved. From rooting on the football team at tailgates to making (and eating) authentic dumplings with Chinese students, the relationships formed here in East Lansing will stretch beyond the 2-year program." Chelsi Riordan talks about how the Broad MBA's program and students have helped her succeed. Read more here!

Notes from Russell Palmer Career Management Center

"Starting today, Thursday, March 12, all MBA career advising appointments will be conducted virtually. You may continue to make appointments in Handshake or with your career advisor; these appointments will be conducted virtually. Furthermore, we have contacted our corporate partners and encouraged them to engage with students virtually! Please continue applying for positions on Handshake during this virtual time."
                                                                        - Marla McGraw, Director of Career Management

Networking - more important than ever
Convert your prospective to supporters and advocates this month. Not sure what do to next? Review chapter 8 in WHO LOGIC.

Broad Connect – database of Alumni that have offered to help

Broad Connect is a database of over 2,700 Broad alumni that have generously volunteered help students. Complete your profile and start connecting today!

Report your offers on 12Twenty!
This data collection is incredibly important to the college and to students who come after you. Please report your offers at:

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All Online Classes?!

Given the recent university announcements to transition to virtual learning platforms, how can we best approach this new challenge? Sona Kaur talks about a new challenge MBA students will have to walk through. Read more here!

A Statement from Wayne

As we collectively navigate the current situation, the program office is here to support you in the same academic, professional and personal contexts as we would be in-person.  Please keep us informed with any questions or concerns you have as we work towards the most optimal path forward for students, staff and faculty both in Broad and at MSU as a whole. Toward this end, the MBA program staff is preparing options to enable advising access with drop in and scheduled advising sessions. Please monitor your email for a formal announcement.

Maintaining Mental Health

With the sudden change in our day to day scheduling and the influx of assignments, it’s easy to lose sight of our mental health. Alexis Lear focuses on mental health with this shift of learning. Read more here!

A Note from William

I grew up with stories from my grandmother about the "keep calm" campaign during World War II. Although completely different, I am reminding everyone to take a moment, breathe, and then carry on. You all got this. Plus, we're here as your safety net or floaty devices when things get complicated.

MBA Alumni Spotlight

Matthew Barnhill
MBA Marketing '94

Matthew Barnhill is an award-winning Market Researcher and Marketing Thought Leader. He has nearly 25 years of experience in the industry and has led a number of brands to market leadership positions. Matthew is the President of ConsumerSense, a Market Research and Marketing Strategy Firm.  Based in Atlanta, ConsumerSense has clients across Beauty Care, Media & Entertainment, QSR, Real Estate, and Technology. In addition, ConsumerSense also works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to meet their insights needs. Connect with him to learn more!