From: William Horton-Anderson
Date: October 17, 2019
Subject: MBA October Newsletter


MBA October Newsletter

To continue with our transparency, we are launching a monthly newsletter to talk about important things that are happening in our program. This newsletter, driven by students and leadership, will be a consistent way to gather information and learn more about what makes this program amazing.

Each issue will feature a piece from a various professional (instructor, staff member, alumna/us) on some information that may help you succeed in the coming weeks, information from the MBAA (your governing body), important events to be involved in, and a Q&A with a 2nd year and 1st year!

What Is Stress?

"Stressed is just desserts spelled backward." I'm sure everyone has either seen or heard this quip once in their life, but what is stress actually? William Horton-Anderson, Assistant Director, talks about his mental health counseling background and provides suggestions to help combat stress. Read more about it by clicking the button!

MBA Concentration Registration

To help the Class of 2021 with their newly declared concentrations, we are hosting registration sessions to guide through the process, work with fellow students, and eat some good food. For registration and information
click the link below to visit our CampusGroup.

MBAA Corner

To celebrate your first module or fifth module being completed, the MBAA is hosting FREE
bowling this Friday (10/18) at Spare Time Entertainment. Take some time to "roll over stress" with pizza, salad, cookies, and soda with your fellow MBA colleagues. For more information and registration
click the button below!