Upcoming Events

Join the Broad Consulting Club for the various events that we have planned throughout the year. While we have a list of major events that take place each semester, we try to plan multiple events throughout the week to bring our colleagues and members together.

Major Broad Consulting Club Events

An Introduction to Consulting

Want to learn more about consulting and what they basics are? Join the group leadership as we discuss what it means to be a consultant in today's business world. Many of our members, and officers, are coming back from internships where we served as consultants for companies you want to work for!

Corporate Presentations

Our goal is to bring as many companies to campus to highlight how talented and driven our members are. Previous companies include: GEP, Kearney, EY, and more!

BCC Speaker Series

Throughout the academic year, we contact Broad MBA alumni to come back and speak to the current classes on their journey in consulting.

Interview Prep Sessions

Whether it is working in groups or 1:1 sessions with leadership, we offer additional support to help prep you for your case interview. These sessions could be focused on a specific company or can be general to make you the most prepared to land a successful interview!