Join the Black MBA Association for the various events that we have planned throughout the year. While we have a list of major events that take place each semester, we try to plan multiple events throughout the week to bring our colleagues and members together.

Major Black MBA Events

Fall Welcome Social

The Black MBA Association, in partnership with the other DEI-focused groups, host a welcome picnic for all incoming and returning MBA candidates.

National Black Career Fair Prep

As one of the largest career fairs for MBA students, and geared towards the African American/Black population, the Black MBA Association hosts a career fair prep session to give everyone tips and tricks for a successful and fun trip to this year's National Black conference.

Impromptu Gatherings and BBQs

Join members of the Black MBA Association for nights around a bonfire or bbq to relax after a stressful week.

Black History Month Events

During Black History Month, the Black MBA Association partners with other MBA groups to host events for community and education. Previous events included: black history trivia, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History visit, podcasts, black-owned small business tours in Lansing, etc.