MBA Entrepreneurship Association

Entrepreneurship is a mentality - let us shape yours.


Our Mission

The entrepreneurial spirit is woven through the entirety of the MBA program - it's what makes Spartans excel in their endeavors within, and beyond, Minskoff Pavilion.  Likewise, the MBAEA believes entrepreneurship is more than just a career path, it's a mentality.  Our mission is to help develop innovative perceptions of business by making entrepreneurship exciting and accessible.  The MBAEA's events, opportunities, and resources aid in developing the skills, confidence, and relationships required to cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit.









Members Benefits

Our members gain exclusive access to a multitude of impactful opportunities:

Immersive Events

Each semester, the MBAEA offers a multitude of events that will help you learn from, and connect with, other esteemed members of the entrepreneurial community - including former Spartans!

Personal Development

Above all else, our organization strives to help our members become the best versions of themselves they can be.  Entrepreneurship isn't just about innovation for's about innovating who you are.


Inherent in every event the MBAEA puts on is the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals.  Moreover, our unique network of entrepreneurial success stories is created for you to tap into!