Join the MBA Marketing Association for the various events that we have planned throughout the year. While we have a list of major events that take place each semester, we try to plan multiple events throughout the week to bring our colleagues and members together.

Major MBA Marketing Events

Brand Day

What is brand day? It's a day where you learn about brands! What does that mean exactly? Have you ever wondered...

  1. What are these 4Ps I've heard so much about, and why do they matter?
  2. Who owns Crest and who owns Colgate? How about Glade vs Febreze? Dawn and Ajax? Cheez-its vs Cheese Nips? Why does it matter who owns these?
  3. How come this recruiter won't talk to me anymore after I asked about a similar brand that that company doesn't actually own?
  4. Am I an international student who has never heard of any of these brands and it's causing me serious distress in marketing class?

Company Treks

Michigan has many businesses and companies that specialize in marketing, marketing services, or use branding to help drive sales. We are lucky to be invited to learn about their services, how they help their clients, and what we can do for them!

Broad Bowl

Come join the MBA Marketing Association for its first annual Broad Bowl! We will watch, vote, and rank Super Bowl LIV commercials to measure overall ad effectiveness to determine which brands were the real winners and losers of the Super Bowl.