Broad MBA Veterans

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About Us

We are backbone of the MBA program. We offer a unique perceptive due to our rigorous background and apply it to the daily grind in our program. We know that we must balance all aspects of life, rather than solely focusing on school. When we band together, we don't just meet the minimum expectation of the MBA but rather set them for the year to come!


Broad MBA Veterans' Association exists to champion veterans' unique experiences and perspectives in a way that ensures the individual success of each member and further enhances the Broad community.









Members Benefits

Benefits of being a member of Broad MBA Veterans Club is to know that you are not alone. We are a band of Vets willing to help everyone, in any situation, at any time.

Events & Activities

We will continue to follow the guidelines of MSU on COVID19 and will have events once they give us the all clear.


We currently do not have any dues to be a member of our group. Each person will pay their own way during events.


Our objective of our events/meetings, we want to grow the bond between us by connecting with our past experiences and applying them in our everyday lives.