Frequently Asked Questions: General

What is CampusGroups?

CampusGroups is the Broad MBA student engagement platform. Every activity and experience that is not related to a specific class will be created, shared, and documented in this platform. This portal will also follow you after graduation, as we will convert your accounts to alumni accounts.

What is RCR Training?

MSU requires all master's program students to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training. The assigned training is the MSU Graduate School RCR Program Course and requires the first 4 modules to be completed.

What is the difference between my Broad Buddy and the other mentor programs?

There are 3 different types of mentors/buddies that you may have met with or encountered:

  1. Admissions Mentors: After being admitted to the program, the admissions team may have connected you with a current student to answer questions about the program.
  2. Peer Mentors: A select few 2nd year students are connected to 1st year students to help coach on subjects like career searching and best practices.
  3. Broad Buddy: Every 1st year will have 1 (or 2) 2nd year students they will be connected with to act as a continual resource throughout your time in the program.
I have a car/bike, how can I park on campus?

If you own a bike, you must register the bike through MSU Police. If you own a car, moped, or scooter, you must purchase a parking pass to park on campus. However, there are many "pay by the hour" lots around campus that you can use. It is highly advised that you get there early to help improve your chances of getting a spot.

Commuters can buy a pass to lot 89 that costs $98 yearly. If you are a Graduate Assistant you may be eligible for alternate arrangements. You can download the MSU Parking SPOT ON app to pay for hourly parking at many locations around campus like Spartan Stadium.

What is Desire2Learn (D2L)?

D2L is a web-based learning management system where students can access course materials, submit assignments/exams, and check the status of your grade as you progress through a course.

What is a "Broad Buddy?"

Broad Buddy is a peer-to-peer mentoring program created by members of the Class of 2021. This program is designed to bridge the gap between the first and second-year student experience and strengthen the overall Broad MBA community. A Full-Time MBA program requires successful navigation of individual and group work, career search, and personal life. Through weekly check-ins with one another during the first module, second-year students will help first-year students with a successful transition to the Broad FTMBA, and both will benefit through regular interaction with an MBA peer outside the classroom

What is a Spartan ID and where do I get one?

Your Spartan ID is your student identification card, allowing you to enter certain buildings and potentially receive discounts on resources from around the community. It is highly recommended that all students get their Spartan ID!

To get your Spartan ID, students will need to visit the ID Office during business hours. You need to bring a valid driver's license (international students should be able to use valid photo ID like passport). The office will take your picture on site and then give you the Spartan Card.

Is there a bus system around campus?

The bus service is CATA and the service is running around the campus and city. They have masks and social distancing requirements for riders. The Transit App on iOS/Android can help find bus routes and times for the CATA on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions: Academic

How are the classes organized?

The MBA Core courses are split between two sections to honor our core cohort model. All students will be taking classes together based on the cohort that you are apart of, along with your team members. However, once students get to their concentration courses, they may enroll in whatever section they would like.

Where can I find a book list for courses?

In the Student Information System, click the class and select the textbooks tab at the top.  You can also put your courses into the bookstore website.

How do I view my class schedule?

This information is available through Student Information System (student.msu.edu). You can find the links and tiles to many different resources all in one place!

Where do I buy books?

Some books are available digitally! Other options include the MSU Bookstore, Amazon and Half Price Books. Some publishers run sales if you buy them direct. The university also has a textbook guide.

Frequently Asked Questions: Career

How much time should I spend networking?

Although there is no clear defined time on the amount, it is recommended that you could spend 1 to 10 hours per week.

Where can I practice my interviewing skills?

There are many paths to improve on your interviewing skills:

  1. Russell Palmer Career Management Staff: Make an appointment with a career coach to go over best practices and set-up a mock interview.
  2. Peer Coach: Your 2nd year peer coach can provide important insight on various interview skills for specific situations.
  3. Student Resource Groups (SRG): Many SRGs run events on case interview strategies, interview/resume prep, and bring in companies and organizations to help prepare you for recruiting.
How should I be networking?

Networking looks very different to everyone and there is no clear defined path on how to network. However, the Russell Palmer Career Management Center staff has resources that can help at anytime!